Replica Tag Heuer Autavia Bronze Watch Review

This timepiece is a replication, but it diverges from the typical replicas we often encounter. It has been introduced to the market by a factory and features an authentic Swiss movement. Unlike the majority of replica watches available in the market, which are typically not originally equipped with Swiss movements, this specific replica Tag Heuer utilizes an original Swiss SW200 automatic movement. This is noteworthy in the watch market, as it eliminates the need for users to purchase a separate Swiss movement and install it themselves, resulting in significant cost savings.

Actually I introduced such type of watches in another post, they are all Tag Heuer watches with original movement, many readers are interested in buying one after seeing my article.

Several individuals refrain from labeling such timepieces as “replicas,” and some have gone so far as to inform their customers that these watches are originals. However, from my perspective, these watches fall into a distinct category of replica timepieces equipped with authentic Swiss movements and come with the original packaging. Despite the misleading claims, the pricing remains quite reasonable for this particular type of watch.

The Replica Tag Heuer Autavia collection comprises three models, all crafted from bronze material. Each model features a distinct dial color, with options including brown, red, and green. All three variations boast a striking aesthetic, but personally, I find the one with a brown dial and matching leather strap particularly appealing. The harmonious blend of the brown color complements the bronze tone of the watch exquisitely.

The watch has a 42mm case, and its bi-directional rotating bezel features a ceramic insert. On the right side, the crown is notably large, adorned with two concentric circles of flutes, enhancing ease of rotation and crown operation. Personally, I find the Heuer Autavia with a brown dial and matching brown leather strap particularly appealing; its stronger retro flavor adds to its overall attractiveness.

Replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAY2112.BA0928 Watch Review

Individuals can always discover their perfect stainless steel TAG HEUER timepiece, a timeless symbol of refined taste. The Aquaracer, a flagship series from TAG HEUER, captivates enthusiasts with its distinctive shape, impeccable design, and impressive functionalities. Among the prominent Swiss replica watch brands, diving watches have emerged as a key category, with TAG HEUER Aquaracer holding a significant position. Notably, the WAY2112.BA0928 model stands out as a representative example. In this context, I present a meticulously crafted replica, precisely mirroring the original in every aspect with a 1:1 model.

Upon my initial encounter with this watch, the most captivating feature undoubtedly was its azure dial adorned with a charming horizontal stripe texture. Positioned at 12:00 is a distinctive triangular marker, complemented by trapezoidal markers for the remaining hours. Adding to its uniqueness, the second hand showcases a trapezoidal super-lume accent. Notably, the date indicator is discreetly positioned at 3:00. Just beneath the 12:00 triangle marker lies TAG HEUER’s logo, meticulously replicated to mirror the original.

Adjusting the hour, minute, second, and date functions is effortlessly accomplished through the crown. All markers and hands are equipped with super-lume, ensuring optimal visibility in low-light conditions or during underwater adventures. Crafted from high-grade 316 stainless steel, both the case and bezel exude a sense of sophistication. The unidirectional rotation of the bezel, adorned with six convex pins, showcases impeccable polishing throughout.

Measuring at an elegant 40.5mm, the case of this diving watch exudes a refined allure, eschewing the aggressive dimensions often associated with larger dive watches.

The Noob factory provide two different option in movement for this replica TAG HEUER Aquaracer watch, Seagull 2824 or Swiss 2824. Both of the two can ensure precise time, depending on your preference. The back case is also made of stainless steel, and it is sealed up for better waterproof function. The bracelet is also made of the same good quality stainless steel. On both of the back case and clasp, there are engraving information and logo of the model, exactly the same as per genuine. This is not a very complicated diving watch, but it is a classic one for man, it would be your priority if you are looking for a TAG HEUER or diving watch.

Tag Heuer Formula One Grande replica watch

Tag Heuer Formula One Grande Date Black And Yellow Dial Rubber Bracelet 622280 Replica Review

Doing a review for this heavenly luxury timepiece has been on my list for about two years. Since the dollar’s value continually going on, I considered it wise to first remain cool and settle for the ‘appropriate’ time. I feel ascertained that the time is now ripe. So, please allow me to introduce you my Tag Heuer Formula Replica watch. This elegant Tag Heuer Formula One Grande replica watch is evidently the “bread and butter” of the Tag Heuer replica series. A youthful acclaimed luxury timepiece that possesses an unrivaled fashion-oriented style.

Tag Heuer Formula One replica watch

Tag Heuer Formula One Replica Watch

Who is it Meant for?

This pretty Tag Heuer watch is meant for those who cherish celebrating class with a stylish watch. Its simple design fits virtually all outfits thus acting as an appropriate watch for men who cherish something they can wear daily with any outfit.

On the Wrist

This Formula 1 replica watch looks very beautiful on the wrist. Its black bezel and the blue contrasts are not always obvious. What’s more, the classy rubber-made strap feels very comfortable and firm on the wrist. 

Tag Heuer Formula One

Tag Heuer Formula One Grande Replica Watch

Why Many Classy Men Crave For One

See, this Tag Heuer Formula One Grande replica watch is one of the few replicas that easily incorporate elegant masculine elements with a modern touch to it. You’ll notice that it looks high tech and easily stands out without having to be too flashy. It’s also overly very professional in design, comprising well finished and neat elements. Importantly, the fact that this Tag replica is almost 100% identical to the real model yet it is very cheap could be another reason for their high demand.

The Unrivaled Features of This Tag Heuer Formula One Grande Replica Watch


Its dial style is well exquisite. It has a sub-dial at 6 o’clock that runs seconds. Measuring 47 x 44 mm and being black colored, this dial is undoubtedly the key marketing point of this wonderful timepiece. Its writings are crisp and good. Its details, including all the hands and the hour marker are lume, an aspect that ensures one is able to read the details despite the surrounding conditions are unmatched. This replica’s dial is surrounded by an Ion-plated cutwork bezel with white Arabic numeral minute markers that enhance its elegance. Look at me forgetting to tell you about the clear sapphire crystal covering that amazingly protect its inner details while increasing its readability!

Case back and side engraving

The brushed stainless steel snap-in back with Tag Heuer engraving is well done even the engravings are rightly sharp with no spelling mistakes. Engraving on the side may not be as sharp as on the genuine, but they just look awesome.


Enough talk, it’s time to pop all the hullaballoo and find out what powers this heavenly watch. To my surprise, it’s the Japanese Miyota Quartz (Battery)-a gem that gives it untold accuracy and preciseness.


Elegance means different things to different people, right? So whatever it means to you, this Tag Heuer Formula One Grande replica watch’s 14 mm Ion-plated case is the only reliable definition of elegance. That is to say, it’s just out of this world, in my opinion. It comes with a unique Tag Heuer logo engraved ion-plated cutwork crown with protective wall on two sides that allows you to set time and ensure you don’t miss that important date’s date.

Tag Heuer Formula One Grande Replica Watch

Tag Heuer Formula One Grande Replica Watch

Differences Between This Quality Tag Heuer Replica And Its Genuine Counterpart

One of the biggest variations on this Tag Heuer Formula One Grande replica watch is the size of the running seconds’ hand. It is much smaller than on the genuine. Also, the replica is a little bit lighter than the original model. The color of the replica’s dial also happens to be blacker than that of the genuine counterpart. Evidently, this difference that can only be noticed by someone who knows TAG Heuer well, else, it’s not really that noticeable. Despite these differences, the watch is actually a very good replica, when it comes to functionality and so it can be a great buy for someone who wants to own a TAG Heuer but cannot afford the original.

Where Can You Buy Yours From?

When it’s all said and done, this is an important part of every discussion. Money is priceless, so is the need to ensure you use it the best product from the best dealer. If so, any honest experienced watch enthusiast will direct you to for reasons that you’ll come to realize upon receipt of this amazing timepiece. However, even though all their watches are water resistant, they’re not waterproof; do not go swimming with them or taking showers with them. Taking the watches underwater will revoke their guarantee. Stay informed folks and thank me later. Ciao!


Specifications of This Tag Heuer Replica Watch

Back     Brushed stainless steel snap-in back with Tag Heuer engraving

Band Type  Rubber

Bezel     Ion-plated cutwork bezel with white Arabic numeral minute markers

Bracelet       Black rubber strap with Tag Heuer engraved ion-plated hook-buckle clasp

Bracelet Length 195 x 22 mm

Case      Ion-plated case

Case Thickness  14 mm

Chronograph     N/A

Crown  Tag Heuer logo engraved ion-plated cutwork crown with protective wall on two sides

Dial Color   Black

Diameter     47 x 44 mm

Gender       Men

Glass     Sapphire Crystal

Movement   Quartz (Battery)

Quality   Japanese Miyota

Watch Clasp      Buckle