Super Clone TAG Heuer Connected E4 Smartwatch

I attended the initial release of the replica TAG Heuer Connected watch in San Francisco several years ago, and now I find myself reviewing the latest iteration, the TAG Heuer Connected E4. TAG Heuer has significantly elevated its presence in the smartwatch market over the past few years, arguably producing the most coveted Google Wear OS-based smartwatch to date. As far as I’m concerned, there’s hardly any other smartwatch I’d prefer to own right now. While Wear OS faces stiff competition from other operating systems like Garmin or Apple, many individuals, particularly those with Android-based smartphones or seeking a visually distinctive urban watch, will find a Wear OS-equipped timepiece ideal.

One of the standout aspects of the TAG Heuer Connected series lies not only in its physical design but also in the software experience. Super Clone TAG Heuer maintains a dedicated team in Paris responsible for developing additional software layers atop the base Google Wear Operating System. While Google permits hardware manufacturers like TAG Heuer to create their own watch faces and select software interfaces for activities such as exercise tracking and travel, there are limitations to how much they can customize the underlying Wear OS system. This collaborative approach with Google presents both advantages and limitations, yet it remains preferable for TAG Heuer to work within a popular and supported platform like Wear OS rather than developing its own smartwatch operating system from scratch, as some competitors have attempted.

Currently, TAG Heuer offers a diverse range of smartwatch options. The Connected E4 is available in both 45mm and 42mm sizes, with various themed editions including versions tailored for golf, Porsche, and the entertaining Super Mario edition. While these products share fundamental hardware and case shapes, there are differences in materials, aesthetics, and even software features. For this review, I’m focusing on the base model (reference SBR8A10.BT6259) of the 45mm-wide TAG Heuer Connected E4 in steel, featuring a black rubber strap.

Today, luxury replica watches closely resemble traditional mechanical watches in both appearance and feel, a feat achieved through years of hardware refinement. This ensures that the TAG Heuer Connected E4 wears on the wrist much like a traditional timepiece, appealing to those seeking a refined product experience while enjoying the convenience and functionality of a modern smartwatch.

Measuring 45mm in diameter and 15.3mm in thickness, with a lug-to-lug distance of approximately 54mm, the Super Clone TAG Heuer Connected E4 offers a familiar wearing experience akin to a traditional watch. The steel case boasts elegant lines and a black ceramic bezel that is highly scratch-resistant. In addition to the touchscreen interface, the watch features two pushers and a crown, which serves as both a button and a scroll wheel, allowing users to navigate the operating system efficiently without smudging the screen with fingerprints.

The TAG Heuer Connected E4 includes a range of sensors and features essential for modern smartwatches, including location and activity tracking sensors, as well as a heart-rate monitor—a crucial feature for users interested in exercise and activity tracking. TAG Heuer also offers its own exercise tracking software with an attractive interface and a variety of specific physical activities.

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